Our Services


What Does Walkie Doggie Do?


Initial Visit


Let us meet with you and your four-legged friends to assess their comfort level with us during a free 30-minute visit. We can’t wait to learn their names and what they need from us. We’ll review emergency information, your expectations for dog walking and pet sitting, any details we don’t want to miss, and our safety standards and service agreement.

Private Dog Walk


We’ll take 30 minutes for your pup to see the sights, do their doggie business, and even pick up the pace if they’ve got energy to burn. You can combine our dog walking service with basic home and pet sitting service for no extra bones if they fall within the 30 minute time frame.


Pet Taxi

We’ll act as chauffeur to your four-legged friends, giving them a ride to a destination of your choice. They’ll have a secure,
air-conditioned trip to wherever they need to go, whether that’s to a vet appointment (gulp!) or doggie day care.

30 Minute Visits


We’ll provide basic home services and pay your pet a visit for 30 minutes to give them love and care for their needs, at no additional charge for more pets if they don’t require added time. If it can be done within the 30 minutes allotted, we’ll even provide a free private dog walk.


60 Minute Visits

We’ll devote an hour to basic home services and loving care and attention for your fur family. There’s no extra charge for additional pets or private dog walking services if the 60-minute time frame allows.

In-Home Sleepovers

For pets that require sleepovers, we’ll stay overnight and provide all the care they need until the morning. Our typical overnight pet sitting stay is from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. There’s no charge for additional pets.

Our Treat!

Basic Home Care Services


We’ll bring in your mail and newspapers, water your plants, turn lights on or off, and open or close your window coverings as requested every time we visit. It’s the leash we can do.

Pet Feeding


We’ll never charge extra to ensure your pets chow down on your provided food as part of our private dog walking or pet sitting services.

Pill Administration

As long as your pets are willing, we’ll administer pills at no additional fee during our private dog walking or pet sitting services.

Pooper Scooper

When your pets do their duty, we’ll do ours and scoop the poop for no extra charge during our daily and overnight pet sitting services.

Dog-gone it, we almost forgot...

Mileage and Time Surcharges

We can provide our services to our customers who live close to our Evansville, IN location, and can make arrangements for those living further out. Additional mileage and/or time surcharges may apply. Call or email us to find out.

Holiday Services

There’s an additional charge of $5 per daily visit or $20 per overnight visit for our dog walking or pet sitting visits on the following howlidays: Easter, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Christmas, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day.



For most dates, no fee will be charged for cancellations a minimum of 2 hours prior to the beginning of your scheduled visit. 


We won’t charge a fee for a visit during these time periods if canceled a minimum of 14 days prior. If 14 days notice isn’t provided, a 50% visit fee will be charged.

  • For the Warrick and Vanderburgh County 9-day Spring Break period, beginning with the first Saturday of Spring Break.

  • For the Thanksgiving 4-day period, beginning with Thanksgiving Day through Sunday.

  • For the Christmas and New Year 11-day period, beginning on December 23rd and ending on January 2nd.