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It’s important to us that you and your pet(s) love us and want to see us again! To give you and your furbabies the best possible service, we want to learn all about them, get a clear understanding of their needs, and review our safety standards and pet sitter and dog walker service agreement. This meeting usually lasts no more than 30 minutes, and doesn’t cost a bone.


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What's the Purpose
of the Initial Visit?

Make sure you and your pets love us.

We’ll meet your pets so you can observe their comfort level and reaction to us, and demonstrate our love of animals, and show you our passion and energy for dog walking and home pet sitting.

Learn everything about your furry ones.

This is your opportunity to gush about your fuzzy buddies! What are your pet(s) names? What are their eating habits, and where will we find their food and supplies? What are their individual needs, and who is your veterinarian in case of an emergency?

Obtain a clear understanding of the assignment.

We’d like to know exactly what you would like for us to do while dog walking or pet sitting so we can offer you the best service possible. Do we have to provide any medications? Where do we find them? Does your dog need to burn off excess energy on walks, or should we take it slow? Are there any other details you don’t want us to miss?

Review our safety standards.

We take great pride in our safety standards to ensure your fur family is safe and secure. We’ll go over how we plan to take care of your home when you’re gone to avoid drawing attention to the house being unoccupied, and how we’ll ensure the safety of your pet while walking your dog or pet sitting.

Review our service agreement.

There are some important details outlined in our simple dog walker and pet sitter service agreement that we’ll review with you so you understand what you’re getting when you hire a dog walker or pet sitter. This includes our pricing and the services you’re requesting. We’ll put our 100% satisfaction guarantee and confidentiality agreement in writing. View our service agreement here.