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Walkie Doggie does much more than walking dogs. We love and
take pride in providing you with dog walker and pet sitter services that make your life easier. You can relax knowing your fuzzy buddies are with someone you can trust. We can’t wait to become BFFs with your pet.

What Does Walkie Doggie Do?

Initial Visit

 We’ll shake paws with you and your fur family at no cost to establish what you need from us.

Private Dog Walk

 A pro dog walker (or jogger, if you prefer) will put your pooch through their paces for 30 minutes.

Pet Taxi

 Your pet probably doesn’t have

a driver’s license, but we have a solution. Let us give them a lift.

30 Minute Visits

A trusted pet sitter will check on your darlings and provide basic pet sitter services for 30 minutes a day.

60 Minute Visits

We’ll spend an hour a day keeping your pets fed, watered, and loved on while you’re gone.

In-Home Sleepovers

Need us for longer than a cat nap? We’ll stay overnight.

Tuck-ins and lullabies are free.



Walkie Doggie is the best! My pups, Kody and Stella, get all kinds of care and attention. Occasionally, I even get pictures from their photo shoot.

I highly recommend Walkie Doggie.

Jamie B.
Kody and Stella's Mom