Pet Sitting vs Pet Boarding

Going out of town and not taking the family pet with you? Consider Walkie Doggie in-home pet sitting services instead of placing your pet at a boarding facility. Pet owners choose pet sitters as an alternative to pet boarding for the following reasons:

  • Your pet is not exposed to pet or dog boarding facilities with sick dogs or cats
  • Your pet is happier and will experience less stress by staying home
  • Our services can be cheaper than pet boarding facilities especially when multiple pets are involved:
    • Comparison:
      $25 per day per pet at pet boarding facility
      $16 per 30 minute pet sitting visit
    • Example:
      2 pets for one day at pet boarding facility: $50
      2 30 minute in-home pet sitting visits: $32
      Savings: $20 Per Day
  • Allows your family, friends, and neighbors not to be bothered
  • We provide you with peace of mind by having a more secure home by us maintaining a “routine” appearance by rotating your lights, bringing in mail, etc.
  • Easier and more convenient for you!

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