House Sitting: Extra benefits to hiring a pet sitter

Pet sitters aren’t just, well, pet sitters.  We also make great house sitters, too, taking care of your home while we’re there. We will take your of you lights, bring in your mail, take out trash, and water plants. It’s nice to have that sense of security for both your pets and your home.  We also get around; we can recommend a veterinarian, groomer, and maintenance professional.  Finally, we will save you from imposing on family, friends, and neighbors, which makes you not only an awesome pet parent, but a great person to be around!

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One thought on “House Sitting: Extra benefits to hiring a pet sitter

  1. I just want to express what a kind, sincere, wonderful person Christy has been to us. She clearly runs her business with passion and integrity and a love for dogs like no other. The Walkie Doggie family has been so good to our Louise and we just feel extremely fortunate to have crossed paths with such a wonderful group. Keep up the fantastic work!!
    The O’Dell’s

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